How It Works

The Full Photo Shoot Experience

Step 1

After you’ve called or emailed to book your shoot and paid the $200 session fee, you’ll come into the studio for your style consultation. We’ll chat over coffee about your dream photo shoot and visualize your perfect session including wardrobe, makeup, and props.

Step 2

Now that we have an idea about the shoot specifics you can do all the fun stuff! Go shopping for new dresses, lingerie or props. (Bring your partner along if it’s not a secret!) We recommend you set up an inspiration board on Pinterest and share it with us. You can pin ideas for hair and makeup, wardrobe, and posing for your photo shoot. Also check out our blog or Pinterest boards for wardobe inspiration and more!

Step 3

It’s finally time for your shoot! First you get to relax with refreshments while you enjoy a full pampering service at the studio with our professionally licensed stylist who is skilled in portrait makeup application and hair styling. Then we’ll pose you to perfection throughout your shoot. You’ll have unlimited wardrobe changes, but 4-5 is usually the perfect amount.

Step 4

If you choose to do a same day viewing, while you head off for an extended lunch downtown, we toil away to prep your images for viewing. You can also come back a few days later if you’d rather spend the day showing off your beautiful look with a ladies’ day out on the town. Either way when you come back, you’ll get to see all of your stunning images and choose which ones you love the best and how you want to display them. Our beauty albums, glass print boxes and little black books are just a few of the options we offer and start at $500.

The Studio

Come Inside


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