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Give the Gift of Love

I always make New Year’s resolutions and like most people I usually fail to keep them. They cover all the highlights – eat healthy every day, never procrastinate, wake up at 6 AM without fail, exercise 5 days a week, etc. I’ll be honest – I give it a good try, starting out with a whole lot of steam, and make it until the second or third week of February before I throw in the towel and go back to my usual habits. But this year started out somewhat differently, three short days into the New Year, I was looking down at my list of resolutions and realized that I really only needed one. An important one. I needed to learn to love myself.


Now I realize this may sound like a silly goal. What does it even mean? To me, it means treating myself with more kindness, finding fewer faults, forgiving myself faster when I make a mistake, being gentler in my criticisms, empowering myself to make changes to live a better life. Life and society expect a lot out of us as women, as daughters, as business owners, as mothers, as caregivers, as wives, as employees. We expect much from ourselves and sometimes we expect more than we have to give. So this year give yourself the gift of love. Self-love. Treat yourself with more kindness, more dignity, more respect. Resolve to be faster to forgive and slower to find fault. Empower yourself to take charge and know when you’ve given enough. Take the time to remember how to love you. Give yourself the gift of love.

self-love gift love


Gold and Glass Love Box of Sexy Photos

5 Ways to Showcase Your Sexy Photos

Now that you have beautiful photographs of yourself how are you going to show them off? Here are five of our clients’ favorite ways to display their new sexy photos.

  1. Love Box of Prints

    Gold and Glass Love Box of Prints
    Loose prints inside a gold and glass box are a gorgeous way of storing them on a shelf or side table. Each day you can set a different print on an easel to remind yourself how beautiful you are.

  2. Beauty Album

    Leather Embossed or Acrylic Cover Beauty Albums
    This handcrafted leather bound album is a discreet and sexy way of keeping your photographs and is a great option for a lingerie or nude themed shoot. Bound in a variety of leathers or linens; it can be embossed with a short phrase or meaningful quote. Every page opens to a full lay flat spread without any distracting gutter so that your images are breathtaking and flawless. Some pages can be left blank to write a Love Note to yourself or someone special.

  3. Modern Wall Art

    Modern canvas or metal art make a wonderful statement on your wall, over your fireplace mantel or sofa or even inside a walk-in closet for a daily reminder of how amazing you are.

  4. Little Black Book

    A miniature version of our Beauty Album, a Little Black Book is a cute black leather bound miniature book filled with your sexy photos. It makes the perfect accessory for your nightstand or gift to your significant other.

  5. Vixen Viewfinder

    Playful Boudoir Viewfinder from Silvine Photography Studio
    A modern take on a retro favorite. This nostalgic toy goes from sweet to spicy with a simple click. Displaying your seven favorite photographs on the reel it, this private peep show makes a fun gift for yourself or someone special.

Calvin Klein Inspired Boudoir (1)

Calvin Klein Inspired Boudoir Session in Grand Rapids Michigan

Today’s boudoir blog post features Ciara. We met at the studio for her session and went through a variety of wardrobe changes. We decided to keep with a mostly monochromatic look to really show off her features. We started with a simple beauty portrait look with lace, leather and tulle before moving into something more Calvin Klein-inspired with ripped jeans and a white cropped top. She has a wonderfully athletic build so we also did some shots with a cropped hoodie.

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Alyssa + Josh | Wedding at the New Vintage Place | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hi there! Welcome back to the blog. I adore photographing weddings. There’s so much love in the air and the bride and groom spend so much time carefully planning all the details. For our last wedding of the year, we had the pleasure of photographing Alyssa and Joshua’s story. You could easily see all the love and attention they put into making their wedding meaningful to them and to their family and friends.

The bride and groom both got ready at the Hilton downtown on the very same floor so we had to make extra sure they never passed each other in the hallways! Of course with the Michigan vs. Ohio State game going on, neither group was likely to leave their room and television for very long. The entire bridal party had a lot of fun taking wedding pictures on the roof of the hotel where you could see the Grand Rapids cityscape. The bride and groom decided to not see each other until Alyssa was walking down the aisle. The wedding and reception took place at the New Vintage Place.

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Wedding Client Magazine 2016

Check out our client magazine below for awesome tips & tricks for a picture perfect wedding! In the magazine, we have a recommended wedding day timeline, a look at our new studio space for a bridal boudoir session, several suggestions for stress-free formals on your special day, engagement session ideas and more!

grand rapids engagement photography (5)

Why should I do an engagement session?

Let me fill you in on how an engagement session at Silvine Photography actually works.

To start, the most asked question I receive about engagement sessions is, “Is an engagement session really necessary? After all, don’t the wedding pictures represent the beginning of our lives together?” I personally believe having an engagement photo session is important because this time allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with me as your photographer, and figure out how we work best together before the main event. When you come into our studio a week later to view your engagement photos, I get valuable feedback on your likes and dislikes for the actual wedding day photography.

An engagement session is also the perfect opportunity for you and your soon-to-be-spouse to have a little fun getting cozy and showing off your love and capturing it in a tangible way. During the shoot, you can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting, while creating some fun, memorable images for wall portraits, your wedding sign-in book, and shot early enough, we can also provide the images for your Save the Date cards and invitations. Many people use their engagement session photos for their wedding planning website or even as an announcement to the world that they’re trying the knot on social media. Engagement portraits also add another dimension with an engagement album, chronicling your story from frolicking fiancees to husband and wife. Sometimes couples even use the photographs from their engagement session for wedding thank you cards so they can send them off right away.

Not to mention, engagement session photos give you a chance to show off that gorgeous ring a little bit more. I’d wager that you have loads of people asking for photos of your new bling!

As for how the engagement session goes down, it’s all pretty straightforward. You and I work together to create a customized session. For example, we can shoot at the place you two had your first date, head to your favorite park or local ice cream shop or go somewhere that makes you smile and have fun (like the arcade or a fair!). Activity-type locations are great if you want more “candid” or not looking at the camera-type photographs.

Regarding what to wear, I always say to wear what you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel amazing. We’ll find a spot for you to change during the shoot so I recommend bringing two sets of clothing: something comfortable and casual like jeans and a top and also something a bit dressier like a cute skirt or dress and heels. With two outfits and multiple backdrops you’ll have plenty of variety in your images to make an album, guestbook and more.

Silvine Photography Alli Celeste Steampunk Photography

Steampunk Photography at Silvine Photography Studio

Steampunk photography is one of my favorite genres so whenever I get a chance to shoot it I am pretty much over the moon. Alli Celeste is my favorite steampunk model to work with – she has an amazing collection of steampunk wardrobe and props – not to mention she is patient enough to get tied into a number of corsets during our shoots together. Those things are hard to put on! For this shoot we used a combination of her wardrobe and props and a few props that I had made for previous steampunk photography shoots. (Did anyone recognize the miniature hats from our Alice in Wonderland shoot last Spring?) We spend a lot of time on some of our props so I love being able to reuse old props for new creative concepts. For the image post processing I used different textures and color toning to give an antique and almost distressed feel to the photographs. For me, these finishing touches add a lot of nostalgic feeling to steampunk photographs.

Steampunk Photography with Silvine Photography and Alli Celeste

Night Club Boudoir Photography in Kalamazoo

Night Club Boudoir Photography | Modern and Sexy Michigan Boudoir Photographers

For this ridiculously sexy boudoir photo shoot, we took over Metro Night Club in Kalamazoo Michigan. This night club boudoir photography session was definitely a first for us, but hopefully not our last! We were able to use this fantastic location thanks entirely to Beauty with Brains Kalamazoo, a group for creatives based in West Michigan. Check them out here! Alli Celeste, Alana and Lucy did a great job with wardrobe and posing at the night club. Making it look effortless and sexy. 

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Edgy Kalamazoo Boudoir Photography

Edgy Kalamazoo Boudoir Photography | Industrial Boudoir Photography in Kalamazoo Michigan

Today’s images come from an industrial boudoir photo shoot we did a few months ago in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For our edgy Kalamazoo boudoir photography shoot, we were able to use this fantastic industrial location thanks entirely to my favorite creative group in West Michigan, Beauty with Brains. Check them out here! Our models for the shoot, Katie and Lucy, did a great job choosing appropriate wardrobe for the location – lingerie that was a little edgier and more sultry.

Lucy’s combination of black and red really complimented the look of the grungy environment and I adore the cat stockings that Katie brought along with the lace bodysuit. She reminds me of a gorgeous cat burglar. We had a small area to work in for these photographs so we didn’t have the luxury of setting up many lights or large modifiers. All of the images for this Kalamazoo boudoir photography shoot were taken with a single small constant light which added to the great crisp shadows. For me, the shadows are a really important part of the photographs because the hard light adds to the industrial and edgy feel of the shoot where flat lighting would take away from the crisp, contrasting look.


Hunter Goddess Creative Photo Shoot with Silvine Photography

Here’s a throwback Thursday pose for you. Our hunter goddess photoshoot with Alli Celeste from this past August. The weather is just starting to warm up here and reminded me of these awesome photos we hadn’t posted on the blog. We were initially inspired by the Greek and Roman maiden goddesses of the hunt and added a little bit of a darker twist as the shoot continued. The vibrant flowers of a nearby park provided a fantastic background for our vision.

Romantic Spring Boudoir Photography

Spring Boudoir Photo Shoot with a Kick

I absolutely love Spring. It’s the time of year that feels the most alive when everything is budding and all the beautiful flowers come out to play. The colors and the light are simply gorgeous. I love incorporating that into our Spring boudoir sessions at the studio. For this particular shoot, I wanted to add a little bit of edginess to the softness so with our model, Phire Free, we played around with her clothing and accessories. We used dark browns and blacks to offset the pale pinks, whites and silvers of the flowery Spring bed set. We started with a simple comfy brown tank top and bare feet for a relaxed, effortless feel to the images and then progressed to an edgier look with a black lace crop top and metal embellished high heels.

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Beauty Portraits Michigan Glamour Photography

Some Like It Hot – Red Lingerie – Boudoir What to Wear

For your boudoir photoshoot, wear a sexy and bold color like red lingerie. This wildly beautiful color is sure to bring out the vixen in you and give you confidence in front of the camera. The key to choosing a great shade of red is to make sure it matches your skin tone. If you tend to look better in blues, purples, blacks and silvers you’ll likely want to wear a cooler shade of red, but if you shine in browns, yellows, and golds you’ll want to go with a warmer more orange-y shade of red. Red is a very powerful and dynamic color – it makes us feel strong, sexy and confident – exactly the kind of look you want for a boudoir shoot where you’re showing off your beautiful, glamorous side. With that in mind, I recommend pairing any lace with strong elements of straps or rhinestone embellishments to counteract the tendency for lace to be overly dainty and delicate. If you want a more covered look, a tanktop and hipster briefs or boyshorts can show off your fun and adventure-seeking side.

Some Like It Hot - Red Lingerie - What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Red Lingerie – What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Some Like It Hot – Boudoir Photography Tips for What to Wear to Your Boudoir Session

Some Like It Hot by silvinephotography

Gold Lingerie Michigan Boudoir Photography Studio

Golden Opportunity – Gold Lingerie – Boudoir What to Wear

Wear a trendy metallic color like gold lingerie for your upcoming boudoir photography session. This gorgeous sheen makes every woman shine like a goddess. Gold earrings and a necklace are the perfect accessories for a lace and retro inspired bra and pantie set in the same hue. You can also try pairing a pleated leather metallic miniskirt with a sparkly and embellished balconet bra for a modern and sexy take on the trend. If you’re feeling edgy or wild, pair a see through golden lace bodysuit with white leather studded gloves and gladiator style metallic heels.


Golden Opportunity - Gold Lingerie - What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Gold Lingerie – What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Golden Opportunity – Boudoir Photography Tips for What to Wear to Your Boudoir Session

Golden Opportunity by silvinephotography

Bridal Boudoir Photography White Lingerie

And the Bride Wore White – Bridal Boudoir What to Wear

Are you getting married and planning a bridal boudoir photoshoot? Here are some sexy suggestions to show off that white hot body. A cute and flirty romper keeps you looking fun and relaxed, but shows off some serious leg. A longer torso bra with garter, belt, and stockings is a classic choice when paired with closed toe heels. A lace design corset accessorized with a gorgeous necklace (maybe the one for your wedding day for something extra special) is beautiful and elegant. The lace detail adds interest to the corset while minimizing any potential problem areas. Of course your veil or bouquet would look amazing with any of these outfits. Lastly, a sheer white slip with a cinched middle flatters your waist and reveals as much as it conceals. When paired with a lace boot and a simple pearl bracelet, this look will remind him how effortlessly beautiful you are before and after the wedding day.

And the Bride Wore White What to Wear to a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot
And the Bride Wore White – Boudoir Photography Tips for What to Wear to Your Bridal Boudoir Session

And the Bride Wore White by silvinephotography featuring bridal lingerie

What to Wear Black Lingerie Beyond Basic Black

Beyond Basic Black – Boudoir What to Wear

Need some suggestions for what to wear to your boudoir session? Go beyond the basic black bra and panties with a plunging neckline bodysuit. Add a black lace mask for a seductive and sexy look. Try something trendy like a bandage style bralet with hipster garter belt and stockings. Pair these with chunky earrings and a smokey eye. Or rock retro high waisted lace briefs with a feminine cutout bra and thigh high boots for a modern take on a vintage classic.

Beyond Basic Black What to Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot Beyond Basic Black – Boudoir Photography Tips for What to Wear to Your Boudoir Session

Beyond Basic Black by silvinephotography featuring black lingerie

Romantic Boudoir Session (1)

Alli’s Sexy and Confident Boudoir Session

We’re ramping up for our holiday boudoir season with some super fun boudoir sessions at the studio. Today I’m featuring Alli Celeste, a gorgeous and sexy woman that I photographed a few weeks ago at the Silvine Boudoir studio. This boudoir session was particularly special, as Allison wanted to do something fun and sexy for herself.

As you can see, Alli is incredibly beautiful; she’s also a part-time model and adores steampunk. Check out her steampunk-inspired shoot we did earlier this year!

Boudoir Photo Beautiful Brunette wearing Studded Bra and Robe


Even though she was a little nervous before our boudoir session (and who wouldn’t be?); Alli was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots that really showed off her figure.

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Steampunk Woman in Googles at Lake

Steampunk Photo Shoot


I love the entire concept of steampunk – a steam-powered science fiction world with the dress and behavior of the Victorian era. The clothing and props are so intricate and fascinating. The photographs came from a shoot a few months ago at an old Wild West themed park. As soon as I got the invite for the event, I knew I wanted to do something steampunk inspired rather than go in the direction of western or country. The models helped considerably by supplying their own wardrobe which left me free to focus on making props and conceptualizing the shoot. The final results far exceeded all of our expectations and are among my favorite images this entire year. We wandered throughout the location and found some really interesting areas to shoot, including an “abandoned” stagecoach, a pile of wood and twisted metal that resembled a steam-powered machine, a huge saw mill and a pond with a short dock.

Spooky Possession and Haunted Photoshoot

Possession and Haunted Photoshoot | Grand Rapids Michigan Creative Horror Photography

Happy Halloween! Earlier this year I had the opportunity to photograph at the haunted house, Phobia House, in Plainwell, Michigan. With such an awesomely horrific location I knew I wanted to do something a little haunting and scary. (You can see our serial killer clown set here: and our vampire/hunter set here: )

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